Tell me your publishing dreams, and I will make them happen!

If you need to come up with a selection of essays, a book idea, an edited volume, or a creative use of your existing research, then look no further! I sell blocks of one-hour consultation via Skype with an action plan following each session. Tell me about your work (or better still, send some of it to me), and I will design you a course of publications that will make it sparkle! The goal is not only to create something that will help you now, but to ingrain design skills that will continue to serve you well in the future.

My rates are as follows:

PhD Students/unfunded Postdocs

Block of 3 – £100

Block of 6 – £180

Block of 12 – £320

Funded Postdocs/Staff

Block of 3 – £130

Block of 6 – £240

Block of 12 – £440

Payment is via PayPal invoicing prior to the initial session. The block of three is recommended for an essay or essays, the block of 6 for a monograph or edited collection plan, and the block of 12 for a research proposal or application.

In addition, I offer the following services at a variable rate, subject to your needs:

  • Pre-peer review developmental editing for essay collections
  • Project management for essay collections or multi-authored works
  • Consultation at the design phase for large academic projects in need of an effective programme of written outputs

Why not let me know what you need: