My specialty as an academic editor is the creative design of published scholarship.

Thinking of editing of co-editing a themed journal issue or edited volume? Academics are often called upon to put together large editing projects, but may lack the time or experience to do so. Fear not! From consultation to full project management, I can help.

Have an idea for a publishing outcome, but don’t know what form it should take? I will help you create a piece of scholarship that meets your needs.

Need support with the logistics of large-scale scholarly editing for a project? I have worked in scholarly publishing at all stages of the process (author, editor, and publisher), and know what it takes to get a journal issue or book project in on time and to a high standard.

I offer the following specialist services:

  • Creative developmental coaching for book and research proposals
  • Pre-peer review developmental editing for essay collections
  • Project management for essay collections or multi-authored works
  • Creative consulting for scholars at all stages with unusual editorial projects in mind
  • Consultation at the design phase for large academic projects in need of an effective programme of written outputs

If you want any of these services, or other core editorial support such as proofreading and copy editing, contact me below for  a quote!